GPR Scanning and Utility locating in VANCOUVER, VICTORIA, Kelowna, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina and all of Western canada

Terraprobe, established in 2001, is a leader in Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) services for detecting objects within concrete, underground utilities, and other buried anomalies. With a vast inventory of advanced equipment and software, the company ensures precise, safe, and cost-effective GPR scanning. Located in Coquitlam, BC, Canada, Terraprobe serves a wide range of clients, including general and specialized contractors, engineering firms, and property managers, making it the go-to GPR scanning provider in Western Canada.

Concrete Scanning on a Bridge over Hwy 1

Concrete Scanning on a Bridge over Hwy 1

GPR Concrete Scanning

Our highly trained field technicians help Contractors and Engineers identify objects embedded in concrete, buried utilities or other buried objects/anomalies. Terraprobe can quickly, accurately, safely and cost effectively use our Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) expertise to eliminate the risk of damaging embedded structures when coring or cutting concrete. Learn more.

Survey near Hwy 1 in Fraser Canyon to locate possible burial sites from 1800's using a single antenna system.

Survey near Hwy 1 in Fraser Canyon to locate possible burial sites from 1800's using a single antenna system.

Utility Locating and Mapping

Whether you need to locate a single buried pipe or map out all buried structures for kilometers of roadway or acres of land, Terraprobe combines highly experienced technicians with the best equipment to successfully complete utility location projects of any size. Learn more.

Possible ancient burial site survey in Northern B.C.

Possible ancient burial site survey in Northern B.C.

Archaeological Surveys

GPR can be used to detect and map subsurface archaeological artifacts, features, and patterning. Unlike excavation, GPR can locate artifacts and map features without any risk of damaging them. Learn more.

Why Choose Terraprobe?

Over 50 years cumulative experience with GPR

Our field technicians are all all highly trained and CERTIFIED. This attention to technician competency ensures that you receive the best possible result.

Extensive Radar Equipment Inventory

Our wide range of equipment from Mala, GSSI, Sensors & Software and IDS along with multiple antenna frequencies allows our technicians to select the correct tool for the job. In many cases more that one radar is used on a project in order to procure the best possible data collection.

Expert data collection and Analysis

The proper selection and manipulation of radar equipment is essential to collecting high-quality, reliable data. As signal penetration varies with each material, the collected data is meaningless unless the radar is properly calibrated to the material at hand. Terraprobe has the knowledge and experience to ensure that suitable equipment is properly calibrated to provide the most accurate and reliable survey results possible.

Professional training and background

Every project by Terraprobe is supervised by a senior GPR technologist with extensive knowledge and experience in ground penetrating radar. Our expertise in geology, geophysics, structural engineering, sedimentology, geomorphology, and terrain assessment allows us to provide reliable, unparalleled data interpretation.

On the forefront of GPR technology

Ground penetrating radar is an evolving technology, with new equipment and methods constantly being introduced. Terraprobe is dedicated to bringing the best and the most advanced GPR technology to our clients. Our active participation in advanced research, international conferences, workshops, and trade-shows ensure that we are able to offer our clients the most up-to-date technology and service possible.

Dedication to customer satisfaction

Our strong culture of accountability and dedication to service excellence means that every job we undertake is completed to the clients satisfaction, and at highly competitive prices in the Vancouver area.

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