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Ensure Safety and Precision with TerraProbe’s Advanced GPR Technology

When planning any construction or development project in Vancouver, one of the critical steps is ensuring that all underground utilities are accurately located to prevent costly damages and ensure safety. TerraProbe, a leading provider of geophysical services, offers comprehensive utility locating and mapping services that cater to a variety of project needs. From simple locates to extensive area-based scans, our advanced Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology and experienced team ensure precision and reliability

Our Services

Simple Locate Services

At TerraProbe, we understand the importance of pinpoint accuracy in construction projects. Our simple locate service is designed to identify specific buried utilities such as water lines, gas pipes, and electrical conduits. We use durable marking materials including paint and flags to indicate the location of these utilities, ensuring that your project proceeds without any underground surprises.

Bore Hole and Trench Clearance

Prior to excavation, knowing what lies beneath is crucial. Our utility locating services extend to providing clearances for trenches and bore holes. This service is essential for preventing interruptions caused by hitting existing utilities, thereby saving time and reducing project costs.

Roadway and Area-Based Locates

For larger projects where as-built information is scarce or non-existent, our area-based locates are invaluable. We deploy the Stream-C radar system, one of the most advanced GPR technologies available globally. This system is capable of identifying both metallic and non-metallic structures up to a depth of 5 meters. It is particularly effective in large areas and challenging terrains, making it a go-to choice for major developmental projects.


Advanced Technology

TerraProbe leverages the Stream-C radar system, renowned for its accuracy and depth. This system not only locates traditional metallic utilities but is also highly effective in detecting non-metallic items such as plastic pipes and fiber optics. Whether in confined spaces or extensive open areas, the Stream-C provides comprehensive scanning that ensures no utility goes undetected.

Project Deliverables

One Call Tickets

Terraprobe will acquire a BC One Call Ticket on behalf of the customer if requested. BC One Call and BC Common Ground Alliance (member)

Local Markings

Utilities are marked on the ground using paint or flags employing a standardized colour code. For all locates except large scale projects utilizing the Stream-C.


RTK corrected GPS* coordinates (2 cm accuracy) can be taken for all locates. This is an additional cost except for Stream-C projects.

Hand Sketch

Hand drawn sketch shows located utilities with relative to fixed structures. This is usually used to confirm bore hole clearance and is a record of locates marked locally. The hand sketch is part of the basic locate service.

Work Order

Terraprobe utilizes a paperless dispatch and work order system. Pictures are taken of the locate markings and are sent as part of the completed work order. Notes are also included. Work orders are provided for all levels of service.

AutoCad Drawings

AutoCad drawings may be provided at an additional cost for all levels of service. Base drawings of the survey area must be provided to Terraprobe to allow completion of this service. Stream-C projects deliverables always include AutoCad drawings.

Google Earth/Aerial Survey Overlay

Available for all GPR located utilities, structures are shown overlayed on a Google Earth map or a map created by our Aerial division - Terra-Aero.

3-D Rendering:

A 3-D rendering of located utilities can be produced for all locate projects utilizing the Stream-C radar system.

Are you ready for accurate utility mapping?

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  • ASCE 38-01 Page_01.jpg

    American Society of Civil Engineers CVASCE 38-02

  • CSA_S250_20_Page_01.jpg

    CSA Group S250:20 Standard

Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) Quality Levels

Terraprobe conducts its utility locating and mapping according to the standards outlined in American Society of Civil Engineers 38-02 and the CSA Group CSA S250:20

QL-A UL Survey using Geophysical methods (GPR & EM) with confirmation using Soft Excavation (Hydro-vac) as necessary. Report in AutoCad showing plan and profile of utilities.

QL-B UL Survey using Geophysical methods (GPR & EM). Report in AutoCad showing utility locations on map.

QL-C UL Survey using Visual Observation of facilities only, eg. Manhole covers, valve chambers etc. Report in AutoCad showing observed utilities on Plan Map.

QL-D BC One Call ticket and GIS information from cities/municipalities only. This includes One Call ticket information as well as other data provided by the utility owners.

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