GPR Applications

GPR - Locate Objects in Concrete and Underground

Location of rebar, conduit, and post-tension cables

Determining position and exact depth of features of any composition embedded within concrete to locate suitable areas for drilling, cutting, or coring

Structural Evaluation

Quality control of new structures, inspection of conditions for rehabilitation purposes, mapping thickness of concrete layers, bridge deck and tunnel evaluation, detection of delamination, inspection of walls, floors, decks, columns, beams, etc.

Buried Utility Locating

Locate buried utilities of all types including non-metallic structures” - right below the concrete scanning.

Void Detection

Detecting cracks and voids under concrete structures, pavements, behind walls, in tunnels, etc.

Mapping Underground Structures

Locating underground utilities, pipes, storage tanks and drums for repairs, upgrades, or removals

Hospital Renovations

Location of pipes and electrical conduits for renovations and repairs in emission-sensitive environments

Graveyard Investigation

Detecting unmarked graves, clandestine burials, soil disturbances

Geophysical Survey

Bedrock and water table profiling, soil and aggregate surveys, geotechnical mapping, sedimentological studies, river and lake bottom profiling, mineral exploration

Environmental Assessment

Delineating landfills, detecting buried USTs and drums, hazardous waste site assessment, pollution assessments

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