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Drone services for Construction and Engineering

The Drone industry is rapidly developing and is providing excellent data for construction project managers, estimators and marketers and engineers.

Terraprobe has built it's aerial division - Terra-Aero - using best in class aircraft and software to offer high quality services to it's construction customer base.

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  • Roof Survey

    Residential roof surveys with detailed closeups and video.

  • Infrastructure Inspection

    Inspection of various structures not otherwise easily accessible.

  • Live Stream

    Live streaming of flight video available for real-time review by project managers.

Construction Applications

Site surveys completed at intervals is as excellent way for project managers to see the progress on a jobsite in great detail. Survey images are collected during flight missions conducted by licensed drone pilots and processed and delivered to the client for review. This is called photogrammetry.

Photogrammetry is the process of collecting geo-referenced, two-dimensional images and using software to stitch them together into two-dimensional maps (called “orthomosaics”) or three-dimensional models. A processing engine uses location data associated with each image to identify the overlap between images. Using this data, the engine infers the third dimension of topographical areas and vertical structures. The output may be a 2D or 3D point cloud and photorealistic mesh that serves as a digital representation of the area or structure being surveyed. This data can be used to derive measurements, inspection criteria and other valuable insights.

Drones are well-equipped to collect the imagery needed for photogrammetry. Not only are our drones equipped with high-quality cameras, but they also use GPS systems to provide accurate location data. These capabilities, paired with an aerial perspective, make drones ideal for photogrammetry surveys.

Photogrammetry can be put to use in a wide variety of applications such as:

  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) – comparing actual construction progress to projected models
  • Terrain surveys – mapping areas of land before a job for planning or assessing a site after project completion
  • Stockpile calculations – measuring the volume of materials in minutes without climbing on or around the pile
  • Infrastructure inspection – looking at bridges, electrical transmission lines, dams, and other structures for damage or anomalies
  • Change monitoring – comparing changes in models collected over time

Terra-Aero also provides video files and images as required as well as our live stream option.

Live Stream Flight Views Live streaming of flight video is available for review by the client. Real-time viewing provides the opportunity for project managers to direct the pilot-in-command to focus on specific points of interest. This increases the efficiency of the survey and guarantees that the most useful data is being collected.

Video is browser based and may be viewed on any desktop.

Our pilots are all Transport Canada Advanced certified for commercial operations.

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Sample Roof Survey Report

This is a sample report of a residential roof aerial survey. The video below also forms a part of this report.

20580 Powell Roof Survey Report no video 1.jpg

Sample Roof Report - Page 1

20580 Powell Report Roof Pg 2.jpg

Sample Roof Survey - Page 2. Detailed Areas of Concern Easily Highlighted

20580 Powell Roof Survey Report no video 3.jpg

Roof Survey Report - Page 3. Survey Video may be processed and included as part of report to provide additional context

Residential Roof Survey Video

Videos taken during drone surveys may form a valuable part of the report produced by Terra-Aero for use by property owners, project managers and engineers.

This sample video is of a residential roof survey and is a part of the above sample report. Project flight plans are designed in consultation with the client to provide the information required in the desired format.