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Terraprobe offers expert concrete cutting and coring services throughout Vancouver and Western Canada. Terraprobe brings all the necessary equipment and crew to your job site and ensures the site is left clean afterwards.

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Contracting with Terraprobe ensures that you will receive expert service for both the GPR Scanning and Concrete Cutting aspects of your project.

Why use Terraprobe for your concrete cutting and Coring?

  • Scanning and Coring/cutting go hand in glove. If you need to cut or drill in concrete you will need to know what's inside the slab to ensure you don't cut something you don't want to!
  • Expert GPR Scanning Results. Terraprobe is the leading expert in GPR concrete scanning so when you contract us to do both your scanning and coring you can have confidence that your cuts will be made safely and accurately. Don't trust your pre-cut/core scanning to a non-expert.
  • Expert Cutting and Coring. Our cutting/coring contractors are experts and trained to provide quality work. We work closely with our cutting partners to ensure that scanning results are correctly observed to provide the best results.
  • SafeScan Performance Warranty: An industry first applies to all coring work completed by Terraprobe where GPR scanning was also conducted by Terraprobe. Learn More
  • One Stop Estimating/Booking: streamlining our GPR services with our cutting and coring services, Terraprobe is able to provide efficient and courteous scanning and coring service at the most competitive rates, all with just one phone call.


The information resulting from our scans can be reported in a format ranging from simply marking the location of obstructions and optimum cutting/coring location on the slab to one page reports to full reporting with AutoCAD. Terraprobe employs geophysicists and engineers and we know how to produce top quality reports.

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Safescan Performance Warranty

GPR concrete scanning results are interpretive in nature which means that the skill and experience of the technician plays a large roll in producing accurate results. Our Safescan Performance Warranty and our Certification for all technicians ensures you receive the best results.

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