Large Area Subsurface Survey Services

Multiple Antenna Array Radar Systems Facilitate Large Scale Surveys

Large Area Subsurface Surveys

Terraprobe has extensive experience with large area GPR surveys. These projects are often related to pre-construction engineering activities and can range from a few acres to over 100 acres in size.

Buried structures located as a result of these projects are utilities, voids abandoned concrete works etc.

Large amounts of data is collected and processed by Terraprobe staff to produce high quality reports and drawings.

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  • Extensive archaeological sites.
  • Detection of underground structures.
  • Cavity identification and mapping.
  • Area clearance prior to construction
  • Bedrock profiling.

Why we use the Stream-C

  • High Productivity: Surveys only need to be performed in one direction to ensure optimal detection of both longitudinal and transversal pipes
  • Facilitates large surveys: The system can be towed manually or with a small vehicle, increasing the acquisition speed (up to 6 km/h).
  • Cost and time reductions: No need to block traffic or perform surveys at night
  • Increase in accuracy with a detection accuracy of as little as 5 cm
  • Increase productivity and have the ability to detect every buried target
  • Highly modular structure allows it to be reconfigured to map sidewalks and difficult to access areas

IDS Georadar Stream-C

  • Massive array of 34 antennas in two polarizations: An accurate 3D reconstruction of the underground utility network is created in a single scan.
  • Automatic Pipe Detection (APD): Real-time automatic detection of buried pipes and cables.
  • Compact size: Stream C’s small dimensions enable it to survey areas inaccessible to larger array systems while maintaining the same accuracy.
  • Robust construction: Built to the highest standards and with robust materials so that it can be used in harsh, demanding environments.
  • 3D radar tomography: Real-time tomography on a GPS or total station assisted cartographic background.
  • Professional subsurface survey: Quickly produce subsurface GIS based digital maps when pipes, cables and buried objects are automatically transferred to CAD and GIS formats.

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