Pavement Condition Assessment Services

Ground penetrating radar (GPR) is used as a tool for assessing the condition of the pavement structure at locations of surface distress, as well as identifying areas of previous maintenance/repair activities that are not visible at the surface of the pavement.

In assessing the existing condition of a pavement structure, locations of past maintenance activities are often overlooked, or concealed by rehabilitation activities such as mill and overlays.

Potential problem areas may not be evident at the time of evaluation, and if ignored could increase the rate of deterioration of the pavement structure. Proper identification of potential problem areas could provide a more accurate assessment of the existing pavement condition and better understanding of the performance of a pavement structure.

Understanding the deterioration of a pavement structure, will in turn allow owner agencies to calibrate forecasting tools in their pavement/asset management systems.

GPR roadway surveys may be conducted at various speeds depending upon the radar systems employed.

Collected data is processed and a report is generated showing areas on concern such as Concealed Repair Patching, Pavement Layer Thickness within defined tolerances and Crack/Joint Locations.

GPR Roadway surveys in combination with traditional pavement condition assessments (boreholes etc.) can be cost effective and provide a more complete view of pavement condition that traditional methods alone.

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