Safescan Performance Warranty

Have Confidence in your GPR Scanning Results

Terraprobe Stands Behind Its Work

Why is it needed?

Concrete scanning using GPR to locate structures such as rebar, conduit and post tension cables embedded in concrete slabs is not an exact science. Although there have been advances in radar software and hardware, the process is still interpretive in nature. This means that the experience level and skill of the technician is a major factor in ensuring accurate results.

The technical limitations of radar can lead to incorrect target identification if the data is not interpreted correctly. Some contractors have had poor results from GPR service providers with inexperienced technicians and are now hesitant to rely on GPR. The Safe Scan Warranty is designed to give you confidence in your GPR scanning results and that we stand behind our 30+ years of technical field expertise.

What is it?

If you strike a target in a location specified by a Terraprobe GPR scan - Terraprobe will pay for the repair.

The SafeScan warranty provides confidence in GPR concrete scanning techniques and results.

Fine print (not so fine!)Terraprobe warrants to the Customer that it will, at its own expense, repair all damage caused by Terraprobe's failure to detect any rebar, post tension cables, conduits, pipes or any other object within concrete in an amount up to total price of the work performed. Client must cut in locations recommended or approved by Terraprobe as a result of a Terraprobe scan. Warranty always applies if coring/cutting is done by Terraprobe. Warranty does not apply if client selected location is deemed unsafe by Terraprobe technician, indicated on the work order and communicated to client.

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